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March 16, 2022

Ann and Anthony Anastasi

Ann and Anthony Anastasi

A seemingly happy family belonging in a Norman Rockwell painting would soon turn into a thing of nightmares… this is the story of Ann and Anthony Anastasi, it's one of jealousy, rage, and murder.

Ann Marie Anastasi was born sometime around 1973. There's not much background information on where she grew up or came from, but she was a traditional young woman who grew up in Maryland.

Anthony Anastasi was also born sometime in 1975, and while his past is still unknown too, we know he fell in love with and married Ann in Maryland.

Our story picks up right in the middle of their marriage. They had moved from Maryland to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, because Anthony was working as a volunteer youth hockey coach. By this point, Ann and Anthony had already had five kids and were already deep in the trenches of a full-fledged marriage.

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