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March 30, 2022

Kristie and Kahlil

Kristie and Kahlil

This is a single non-series episode.

Today’s story is one of lust, despair, illusions, and an unbridled affinity for putting up deceptive fronts. Today, we talk about Kristie Evans.

Our story begins sometime around 1974 in Roland, Oklahoma, when Kristie Dawnelle Evans was born. Born and bred in Roland, Kristie didn't know of any other world, and as a town of only a few thousand in Arkansas, Kristie grew up as a small-town girl. In high school, she met David Evans, a senior 3 years older than her. David had a flair about him... call it relaxed or call it nonchalance.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight. Naturally, they were both in different head spaces, given their age difference. But it was clear that they were interested in each other because by 1991, when Kristie was only 17 years old, she began dating David Evans.

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