Foul Play: Crime Series

Breaking News!!

This podcast is not for entertainment purposes. It is an ongoing community service program and social justice project. The “community” of everyone on the planet who is a victim of child sexual abuse, knows a victim, or hopes to live in a world where there are no more victims of sexual abuse.
The hosts are two interested parties who fate has flung together to drag these dark acts out into the light.
One can’t get greedy and desire an episode every week as it is a developing story. Sadly, this developing story is a past for too many and a future that holds inevitable justice with no scheduled date of revelation. The struggle of when will that justice be made available to victims, what justice means, what it involves, psychological facts and realities for victims and perpetrators, legal and political agonies, are all currently being revealed.
Out of the Shadows is breaking news presented by two caring human beings invested in revealing truth.
Also, it has a great theme song.

March 1, 2020 by ramakrishnastopwatch on Apple Podcasts

Foul Play: Crime Series