Foul Play: Crime Series

Heartfelt coverage of difficult subject matter

Shane and collaborator Gemma have together achieved an integration of cold case fact finding, development of engagement, and a hard to top sincerity in their sleuthing that belies the depth of depravity and soulless actions perpetrated by clergy.

That these transgressions occurred at all is mind bending, but on the scale and in the manner exposed in the retelling of events by those whose lives were forever altered, is close to impossible to achieve without the deft story telling and compassion shown by the co hosts to the survivors, families and friends of those effected.

Bravo to this pair of professionals who continue to do an incredible job of exposing pedophilia and peeling back the underside of an institution whose inaction is juxtaposed very carefully with the unsolved murder of beloved Sister Cathy Cesnik.

Keep up the excellent work!

April 26, 2019 by Spango73 on Apple Podcasts

Foul Play: Crime Series