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Always great coverage!

I love the podcast and am intrigued by your new case. I was wondering if you did “Wako” on purpose or if that was a spelling error. Looking forward to listening either way! Thank you for covering all that you do.


I could listen all day!


I love this podcast, the stories are unique and keep my attention throughout!

Wendy Cee

Great job with my aunt and the hit man.


My heart goes out to Wendy and her family.

I’ve enjoyed this podcast!

First off, sheesh, people are MEAN!! I am a true crime podcast junkie and came across this one. It began playing while I painted my bathroom and although his voice isn’t something I’m familiar with, I loved it. I didn’t pay any attention to the length of the podcast and just simply enjoyed listening to them all. Keep up the great work and story telling. And from one stutterer to another, I see you. I’m almost 32 and still struggle at times.

Too short

C'mon a three parter on Lizzie Borden with no real info? Very little detail, no real research. Skip this pod. Update, still too short, but I would watch paint dry if Justin was reading to me while I did it. There are times when only a scripted show will do, they are my favorite, and hearing Justin's voice from my never miss an episode Generation Why podcast was so thrilling! Stay Justin!


Brent story leaves me angry and heartbroken for him and the music/film world. I would give anything to have the power to right this wrong. Brent, always know that your are a gifted composer. You are the person your friends see in you.

Love the host

This podcast has something going for it that a lot of others lack, and that is the utter sincerity and earnestness of its host— it lends A dignity and authenticity it is much appreciated. (I have a great idea! The show should gather up all of the irritating super short episodes and re-release them grouped together in New Omnibus episodes. **see the British podcast called Murder Mile to get an idea of how to do this in a fantastic way.) Best of luck to you, you are doing the work of the Almighty on earth.

Amazing Compilation

The 2 partHalloween special is one of the greatest ideas, what a collaboration!!! This is definitely something special you have put together. Some of my favorite shows, and discovered some great new ones. Thank you, keep up the great show

Love the Podcast!

I started following “Foul Play” when you posted interviews about the murder of Sister Cathy. I love that your assertions are based on fact, and you let the listeners decide if theories are plausible. I would like longer episodes, but totally understand if your speech difficulties make that too time consuming. Love your podcast!

New to the podcast

Hey Shane, love the podcast

Too short

C'mon a three parter on Lizzie Borden with no real info? Very little detail, no real research. Skip this pod.


Pam was my friend in Glen Bernie from 1968 to 1969. Our mothers were best friends. Pam was so beautiful, sweet and loving. Even though she was older than me, she took time to play with me and let me play with her beautiful clothes. She would do my hair and talk about her day at school and her dreams of going to college. When dad said we were moving to Florida I was heartbroken. I was the kid everyone made fun of, I was bullied unmercifully in school, but Pam was there to dry my tears. I want her murder solved. I never forgotten her and I want everyone to know her name and solve her case. Please help! Someone knows something. I love you Pam. I’ve never forgotten you and pray justice is served soon. Don’t leave her on the self “unsolved”.

So good!

I am so glad I found this podcast. I enjoy hearing about cases that are new to me. Most of all, I appreciate how compassionate Shane is and how respectful he is. He truly cares about these victims and treats them with dignity.

This. This is fantastic.

I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Sadly, I hadn’t found this one ‘til hearing a trailer on another show. Suffice it to say - I cancelled that one & just listened to my first season. This is a must listen.


Excellent podcast


I heard about your podcast on an episode of another podcast. I believe it was a Mind of Madness. I rushed to find your podcast, today I listened to the first episode and the trailer for your newest season. Love it! I can’t wait to binge on all the episodes! The newest season cannot release episodes fast enough! As a survivor of s.a. , c.m. and other abuse, I am revolted, intrigued and impatiently awaiting the episodes to come. Thank you!


We need more Shane’s in the world!!

Impactful work!

I love Shane’s storytelling style and have been so impressed & inspired by the difference he is making by sharing his knowledge with students. That high school student podcast was amazing! Continue spreading your inspiration!

Thank you.

Thank you for being a thoughtful, relentless voice for the victims of crime. The level of research and detail draws the listener in. You are an outstanding human being.

New listener!!

Just started listening, I heard Shane on Generation Why and I’m hooked. Binging all the episodes until I’m caught up.

Just Found You

Shane I listened to Generation Why and heard you there for the first time. Really enjoyed your storytelling style and voice - So quickly signed up for your podcast. Look forward to binging your stories. Thanks. Shauna

Shane is a hero

This podcast is fantastic! But there’s an even better reason to support this man. He’s quite literally a hero in his own right. Look up the Redheaded Murders. It’s nice to feel good knowing I’m supporting a great podcast run by people I’m happy to know exist on this planet! We need more people like Shane!

Great stories.

I love how engaging these stories are. I can’t wait to see where each one takes me.


A must listen.


Great job! Love these podcasts:)

Top Notch!

This pod is top notch!


Friend told me about this podcast, sounds great, good host and amazing intro.

Good pod but

Something disturbing with the erratic pace of speech. Sentences are oddly inflected and sometimes cut off. Feel rushed, unnatural, stilted. Sorry am so critical but I found it hard to relax and listen .