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Sister Cathy Series

I loved The Keepers so I’m thrilled I found this podcast!

Lovely podcast for work

This is my go to for getting through work each day! The cases are on point and so is the style.

Favorite crime podcast

This is a must listen if you’re a fan of crime like me. Shane has a very successful several years of podcasting now and it’s clear when you listen to the new episodes. Always waiting patiently for the next episode!

Great Podcast for road trips

I’ve been listening during road trips across country and love Foul Play! The production value and story telling is by far the best I’ve heard among any podcasts.

New sound booth

Hopefully you and your team really enjoy and get good use out of the new booth. It was a pleasure meeting you. My wife has now been listening none stop sense the Friday we built it. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy listening

Foul Play with Shane Waters is the best! I always look forward to listening!!! I enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work!


..the current story Lonely Hearts. It’s my intro to this podcast. They’ve managed to make a story from such a different and long time ago come to life. I’m still so impressed with the intro music that also tells the story and I don’t even know if the Foul Play folks had it written or if it was indeed from the time of this story! Perfect touch either way.

Great pod

Big fan of the show!


Best ever! Love this podcast, keep them coming!

Love FP

Great podcasts that keep you intrigued. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Foul ply

I really never listened to podcasts that much until I watched the Keepers. I then found out about Foul Play ( Out of the Shadows) and now I’m hooked. Shane is a great host and has an easy going way of asking questions. I also loved the Series of podcasts The Speed Freak Killers. Nice job Shane!

Great podcast!

I love this podcast! The cases they cover are so interesting I find myself not able to turn it off! They’re coverage is realistic and thoughtful.

Keep up the great work

Love your guys’ podcast , thanks for the ad on Instagram !

Love Foul Play

I’ve been following the Sister Cathy story on this podcast after watching The Keepers on Netflix. This show is fascinating and so well done. It’s interesting to listen to more detailed information than what was shared in the docuseries and exciting to hear recent updates. The music, sound effects and stories of the past create a fully immersive experience similar to being lost in a book or movie. Everyone who is interviewed is so forthcoming and brave. Shane and Gemma are great active listeners and talented interviewers. Often times I’ll have a question in my mind about a detail I’m curious about and next thing I know, one of them asks that same question. I listen while walking my dog and before I know it, I’ve walked 3 miles! I look forward to hearing more Aw new details come along.

Best Podcast

All the seasons of Foul Play are amazingly researched. Fantastical told and very respectful of the victims. Thank you for all the work you all do to bring us a incredible podcast.

Love this podcast!!

Foul Play is the best podcast out here. Shane Waters is fantastic, with such an amazing voice and passion for telling really interesting and meaningful stories. Keep up the amazing work Shane!

Must Listen

Great show! Shane and Wendy do a wonderful job at narrating and writing scripts that are amazing

Great podcast!

This is an amazing podcast!

You rock!!

You guys are awesome!! Loving the “Speed Freak Killers” series!

Larry The Geezer- Family Jewels True Crime Podcast

Great podcast. Love the format. Very unique.

Breaking News!!

This podcast is not for entertainment purposes. It is an ongoing community service program and social justice project. The “community” of everyone on the planet who is a victim of child sexual abuse, knows a victim, or hopes to live in a world where there are no more victims of sexual abuse. The hosts are two interested parties who fate has flung together to drag these dark acts out into the light. One can’t get greedy and desire an episode every week as it is a developing story. Sadly, this developing story is a past for too many and a future that holds inevitable justice with no scheduled date of revelation. The struggle of when will that justice be made available to victims, what justice means, what it involves, psychological facts and realities for victims and perpetrators, legal and political agonies, are all currently being revealed. Out of the Shadows is breaking news presented by two caring human beings invested in revealing truth. Also, it has a great theme song.

Hope to be as good

Man this podcast rocks! You do such an amazing job with it. I’m a fan!! I just hope one day my podcast is half as good as this one!! Duh Weekly Podcast!!

Incredible interviews...

Just amazing contributions by Shane and Gemma to the truth about so many aspects surrounding the life of Sister Cathy. The interviews with investigative reporter Tom Nugent are incredible and are must listen episodes for every citizen of Maryland in my opinion. The professionalism of Shane and Gemma along with their down to earth style and fairness toward those they interview is so admirable and refreshing. I would love to see many more TV interviewers adopt their style.

Gemma and Shane

I love the way Gemma and Shane have empathy for all the people they have interviewed. So nice to listen to them they have the best voice. They are very knowledgeable about the subjects they discuss. It’s funny that Shane asks questions about the catholic religion. Cause while I’m listening, I hear something and don’t understand because not being raised in the catholic religion some of the things is hard to know. I ask myself well, what’s that mean. Then I hear Shane ask the same thing I was wondering. This pulls the whole interview together so we understand. Thanks again guys. You are my number 1 podcast.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Shane and Gemma are the dynamic duo. I could listen to them every day. Shane’s style is engaging, warm, honest, and sincere. Exactly what these topics need. Keep on keepin’ on!

Out Of The Shadows

Shane and Gemma team up as a surprisingly unlikely duo of super sleuths, but wow, they do a fantastic job! Together, they reach so many hearts and minds. Shane’s youth and knowledge of media, his research skills, intelligence and thoughtful questions about the Catholic Church and experience, along with his very caring heart, are a major contributor to the production of this very sad and deeply disturbing content. Combine that with Gemma’s insider information of the 50 year old case, her complete dedication to all of her listeners, her ability to get people to come out of the shadows and engage in the conversation, and her absolute determination not to quit, are just some of the things that create her best work to keep pushing this case forward. I am personally grateful to all the SURVIVORS who have come forward. This is THEIR story. I have learned more from this podcast than I can ever express. Thank you, Shane and Gemma, for always honoring these heroes, for respecting everyone in this horrific story of survival. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. Cathy Ceznick’s light and love lives on in our hearts as we get to know her and the other girls through you, and as we remember them all. 🕯🕯🕯

The only thing I don’t like is...

The music in the background. Other than that - very good and important podcast.

Great continuation of The Keepers

Gemma is an amazing! She proves herself to be a knowledgeable interviewer and the people being interviewed are extremely engaging. That being said, Shane’s “interview” style is typically cringe worthy. For some reason, Shane feels compelled to insert irrelevant information about himself when asking questions to his guests. It’s bizarre to me that a 30 year old ( by the way I don’t know the age of any of the other hosts of podcasts that I listen to) doesn’t know that journalist/reporters don’t do that— no one cares. Also, as someone who has chosen to make a podcast about the Catholic Church he has not only done NO research into the terminology or traditions, but he basically brags about his ignorance in one of the early episodes. Last complaint about Shane is that if a period of time goes by where he has not contributed to the conversation, he will pipe up. When he decides to do this, it typically takes the conversation off track which leads me to believe he either wasn’t listening to the conversation OR that he was totally lost on what was going on because he did absolutely no prep work before the episode. If Gemma could do the podcast alone, I would be all in. Thankfully Shane often finds himself in over his head in the conversations so we only have to endure listening to a couple questions from him per episode. If his participation was more, I would probably have given a less than 5 star rating. Great work Gemma!!

Favorite podcast

Really great interviewing.

Makes my work day better

Listening to this podcast makes my day go by much quicker and keeps me on the edge of my seat. It’s really interesting to me because I’m from the Lansdowne area and know exactly where a lot of the locations are that they talk about. The only complaint I have in part 16 when Shane is interviewing the guy from the Archdiocese of Baltimore I wanted to rip my hair out at the amount of times the guy said “um”. Lol