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Breaks my heart. Makes me mad.

Jesus says what happens to people who hurt children. Amen

Wonderful work

Thank you, Gemma and Shane, for this important work. And thanks to your guests for their courage and sharing their knowledge and experiences.




Amazing hosts and amazing podcast. Thank you


Thank you 😊

Great podcast

I really enjoy hearing these podcast. unveiling some truths about things that were a mystery years ago. It takes dedication and some very hurtful truths but finally things are coming to light for some of the victims. I think Shane and Gemma do a fabulous job keeping it as painless as the person hurting can stand. I understand that more and more people have found courage to unveil what happened to them. I love detective work, and it helps anyone clear what the truth is, this Podcast is a great tool. If you help one person with what your doing you’ve done a great job. Keep it up and your supporters have got your back. We care!

If you've watched "the keepers" you won't want to miss this podcast

Not only is this podcast a riveting follow up to the documentary, the hosts are thorough and fair in their presentations, empathetic and sensitive in their approach to victim interviews, and also do their best to foster respect and privacy to individuals on both sides of the issue.

Out of the Shadows

Great Podcast! Gemma and Shane continue to shine the light, gather clues and help the victims of abuse, by the Church!

My favorite true crime podcast

I can’t wait for a new episode to come out every week!

Energetic! Informative! Amazing!

Out of the Shadows is the only podcast that keeps me immersed! I wait each week for this to come out. There are other good podcasts, but I am captivated after The Keepers. I hope this goes into hundreds of episodes.. Gemma and Shane are a dynamic duo! Fun! Energetic! Informative! I feel like they may just run across a piece of info that solves this.

Love the hosts and content

New favorite podcast, the content is always interesting and well thought out. Gemma and Shane present a difficult topic in a sensitive way and have interesting guests. I always save their episodes for when I have time to listen and process. Keep up the great work guys!


I usually listen while I’m driving, now I want to drive all the time just to keep up with the next episode.

Gemma & Shane are doing great work

This podcast is fascinating, devastating at times and hopeful in others but always riveting. More than anything I’m impressed by the good work Shane and Gemma are doing. They are giving a voice to victim-survivors, educating everyone and investigating the hell out of the crimes surrounding the murder or Sister Cathy and the motives behind it. More than anything I want to thank the podcasters for being outstanding advocates!

Great podcast!!!

Very informative podcast. After watching The Keepers you are left with, what happens next?! You find out so much backstory and information regarding the Sister Cathy’s disappearance and ultimately her death. Well done Shane and Gemma!!!

Always well done

Find myself anxiously awaiting each new episode. Content is rich and entertaining. Often listen again. Thank you Shane and Gemma!


Shane and Gemma do a great job with sensitive subjects and talking to their guest respectively

Very good

Just started listening yesterday & im almost done season 2. Love the podcast!!

Keepers Continued

If you watched The Keepers and want to know what is happening afterward this is the podcast for you. It has more interviews with the people who were in the Netflix Mini Docu-Series and follows what is being done about priest abuse(or the lack thereof). I love this podcast because I loved Gemma in The Keepers and have come to love Shane Waters. They are both really pleasant people to listen to and personable. Give it a go! 🙂

Well researched

Great podcast about this case. Worth your time.

No stone unturned.

Determined only begins to describe the folks involved in this podcast on unsolved crimes. They’ll “knock on any door” to get to the truth of who killed Sister Cathy Cesnick and Joyce Malecki and they do so respectfully and with care for the victims and their families. Brainstorm along with hosts Gemma and Shane as they clearly explain this very complex crime ring and police coverup. Show is a follow up from “The Keepers” documentary. Story is still developing. Heartbreaking and hopeful!

Best ever!

The dedication of this crew is amazing!

Very Informative Podcast From People Who Care!

I have not listened to many podcasts but really enjoy listening to Shane and Gemma in their search for answers in the death of Sister Cathy Cesnik. It’s obvious to listeners that they truly do care about the survivors. If you watched the Netflix documentary, The Keepers, you will find more information in this series.

Love it!

I look forward to a new podcast every week. Very interesting and informative if you are interested in the priest sexual abuse scandal and putting an end to it.

Informative and Important

Shane and Gemma work extremely hard to bring forth the truth in cold cases. Their work seeking justice and closure for victim’s families is important. 💗 I highly recommend this podcast.

Mostly good, some bad.

I loved The Keepers on Netflix (I’ve watched it several times), so listening to the podcast and hearing from some of the people featured in the documentary has been so interesting. However, the noise in this last episode is so bad and distracting that I could not finish it. Also, the intro is a bit long. Other than that, intriguing podcast.

Very Informative & Great Follow Up To The Keepers

I love this podcast! This is truly great to find out more than that just what The Keepers shows. I love Gemma’s dedication to finding out what happened with Sister Cathy, Keough, and the evil of Maskill. Hearing how Shane and Gemma help each other is so wonderful. The research that goes into this podcast is mind blowing. Thank you guys! Keep up the good work! -Victoria W.-Asheville, NC

Great podcast, rough audio

Great topic and substance, but a podcast seemingly conducted entirely over the phone leaves the audio wanting.

Pretty good

I'm only a few episodes into the Shame and Gemma podcast episodes. It's very interesting hearing from survivors and others related to the case, as well as experts who can share their perspective. However, there are times when I hear them get timelines or other things wrong and fail to catch and correct them. Maybe it's a lack of preparation. Shane also has some grammatical errors (use of whom), but I try not to get too picky about that...

Great Podcast!

I look forward to this podcast every week! So I informative and quality presentation, the subject matter is very serious and Shane is so respectful of both the victims and interviewees! Gemma and Shane are a great team, doing a fantastic job of keeping us all updated! Thank you!!

Dynamic Duo

I am humbled at the compassion and the unwavering quest for justice. Not only have they uncovered the tip of the iceberg, they have uncovered the relentless search for TRUTH. Their example is so needed nowadays. Love it. Fight for sister Cathy, and we only hope that justice “Trumps” cowardice this time.