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I love this podcast!!

Believe it or not, this was my first podcast to which I ever subscribed. I was immediately hooked. I binge watched The Keepers and have fallen in love with Shane and Gemma. I truly believe they are changing the face of supporting survivors of clergy abuse. Rock on!!

Completely addictive!

I am a huge fan of the work that Shane and Gemma produce each week. I actually subscribe on Patreon to get the episodes two days in advance because I cannot wait to hear what will unfold in each new episode. The research that Shane and Gemma undertake for each episode is unparalleled.

Heartfelt coverage of difficult subject matter

Shane and collaborator Gemma have together achieved an integration of cold case fact finding, development of engagement, and a hard to top sincerity in their sleuthing that belies the depth of depravity and soulless actions perpetrated by clergy. That these transgressions occurred at all is mind bending, but on the scale and in the manner exposed in the retelling of events by those whose lives were forever altered, is close to impossible to achieve without the deft story telling and compassion shown by the co hosts to the survivors, families and friends of those effected. Bravo to this pair of professionals who continue to do an incredible job of exposing pedophilia and peeling back the underside of an institution whose inaction is juxtaposed very carefully with the unsolved murder of beloved Sister Cathy Cesnik. Keep up the excellent work!

Great podcast

Shane does a excellent job, I believe with his work and Gemma and all the others this case will be solved

The best pod cast to cover the church gone evil

Factual based Caring No one left behind

The Keepers continued...

I love the passion that Shane and Gemma have put into the fight for justice for all of the victims. Their unlikely connection just works!


Shane and Gemma have woven people, places, and things together as they uncover more information to help survivors of clergy abuse. They work diligently to keep us informed as this unfolds.

Very informative

Great podcast!

Awesome podcast!!!

Shame and Gemma do an Awesome job and are fair in their investigations! This is by far the best podcast I have ever listened to and you won’t find anyone more caring and fair as these two! Keep up the great work! Truth always wins, eventually..

Love and Compassion!

Shane and Gemma have taken a horrible true story, with life destructing consequences, and filled their listeners with love, compassion, and hope. I listen to their voices every day; they lend me strength to keep going.


Absolutely love these podcasts. I can never wait for the next one to come out. Thank you Shane for all your hard word and dedication to always finding the truth.


Very engaging, sincere coverage of a tragic case and meaningful discussion of a highly sensitive, important topic.

I’m addicted

I truly enjoy this podcast! Love the weekly episodes. Very informative and up to date. Shane has a nice clear voice. Easy to listen to!

Shane Waters

I work cold cases and Shane and his podcast are a credit to how law enforcement and the public should work together. His integrity and compassionate care for the victims and their families is the first on a long list by of attributes this Investigative Reporter brings to his podcast and his cases . I worked with Shane for a brief time when I received a tip on one of his cases. His discretion and respect for the case and law enforcement superseded anything else. His awesome voice lends mystery to his compelling cases . His kindness is a soft place to land for victims everywhere. Thank you Shane for giving a voice to the long forgotten cases and the people and families they represent. Proud to know you. -

Shane and Gemma put their hearts into it.

I look forward to each episode. I have no doubt that with Shane and Gemma’s perseverance, Sister Cathy’s murder will be solved.

Caring, Compassionate Look at a Difficult Subject

Great podcast - such compassionate hosts and such a more detailed look at this case. The transparent look at a hard subject is admirable.

No stone unturned

For those who wish for justice for Sister Cathy and Joyce Malecki, this podcast is a must listen. Sean and Gemma work so hard, interviewing the survivors, tracking down leads, and sharing what they learn with their audience. I admire them so much. Their podcast has become my Tuesday listen each week. They have heart, desire to do good, and are responsive to their listeners and I love that about them!

Love it!

Shane is a very sweet and dedicated to his podcast. He cares very deeply and gives the victims a voice when no one else will. Gemma makes me laugh and is also dedicated to this podcast. Keep up the good work you two.

Out of the shadows

This is the most interesting and hopeful podcast built from “The Keepers” on Netflix. These regular people have become excellent professional investigators. All done out of love for a teacher murdered they had years ago and another young woman murdered within days of Sr. Cathy. The love exuded by the people involved in this podcast far exceeds the evil of the abusers and murderers. Love conquers all.

Awesome podcasts

Shane and Gemma are perfect sleuths. They investigate with enthusiasm and keep their listeners interested in the material they are talking about. I love their podcasts. More please 💕💕💕❤️

Well done podcast

This podcast makes me so sad, and so angry. But Shane and Gemma do their jobs with kindness and respect. Well done.

Excellent Podcast

I enjoy listening to Out Of The Shadows. I look forward to each week when a new episode comes out! Keep them coming!!

Great work!

Look forward to hearing each episode! Shane and Gemma (and Abbie, Jean, Teresa, Donna and all the rest who have so lovingly contributed)You are simply amazing. Your dedication and passion for solving these cases and shedding light on horrific crimes committed by trusted church and community leaders is so appreciated. I pray that these cases will be solved! God bless you!!! ❤️😘

One of the Best.

As a follower of true crime podcasts and an interest in the “ The Keepers” documentary , I have become riveted to this podcast. Both Shane and Gemma manage to explain old and new information clearly, present new research and discoveries, and keep a professional but personable presence in their delivery. It’s the first podcast I go to every Wednesday morn with my cup of coffee. This podcast keeps me on the edge of my seat , and I enjoy Gemma’s spirit and commitment to not only Sr Cathy , but to every person who has suffered at the hands of clergy. Shane’s “out sider looking in “ knowledge of the Catholic Church and Faith is refreshing. He has a different reaction to things because he hasn’t been raised in the faith. I could not think of a better coupling to do this kind of podcast.

GREAT coverage!

I found this on The Keepers FB page and I love it!! Love that they are able to keep us updated on the progress and still trying to get justice for the survivors and Sister Cathy! Love the show & keep up the good work!! My only complaint - the recording/sound quality! There have been a couple episodes where I can barely hear Gemma and there is some background feedback.


Shane is one of the most thorough, dedicated investigative people I’ve ever heard. His compassion and understanding of the victims is such that it adds an additional dimension to the podcast. Now that Gemma has joined, this podcast has gone to another level, making this a must-listen every single week.

If you’re a fan of the keepers, this is a Must!!

After watching the keepers three times over the last year and a half, I was still searching for more. This is probably the best documentary I have ever seen, and because I am born and raised Catholic, I was even more intrigued. I hope and pray they find out who killed Sister Cathy and Joyce Malecki and bring justice to their families. Gemma and Shane are tremendous and deliver one of the best podcast I have ever listened to. If you are a fan of the keepers, this podcast give even more great detail!


Great to listen to The guy from the archdiocese is in denial , he believes the molesters and their protectors , that guy was just a creep If nothing else just take the word of anybody outside of the archdiocese the odds would be better in finding the truth They should look into the Chicago churches that place was infested with molesters, and guess what yes even when they were caught they just move them somewhere else, God help the people that went to the Catholic schools on the north side of Chicago

Great cast for sure

It’s really to bad the archdiocese let it go for so long, it should be held accountable, The shame my family has is interwoven in this story, we had an uncle who would tell us this was going on there but we thought he was crazy, he said people were to afraid to speak out, he even told us how a small faction close to maskel was attempting to make things right by poisoning him


So much hard work and determination are just two words to describe this Podcast. It bring a major cold case to the forefront and is more and more compelling to listen to each week. An amazing job from two amazing people!