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Diligence and Dedication

I watched the Netflix documentary titled 'The Keepers' and learned about Cathy Cesnick. I was thrilled to see that Gemma Hoskins, whom we met in 'The Keepers', had partnered with Shane Waters to continue the search for truth. It has opened into so much more. I can't wait for each new podcast. Shane is a meticulous researcher, he and Gemma partner beautifully. Each podcast is a delight to listen to, and I have larned so much more. Shane's compassion, his dedication to truth and justice for those that have suffered is an example for all of us to aspire to. I have also listened to his Red Head Murders Podcast. I am most impressed!

Unstoppable Force.

The show grabs your interest from the beginning. I love listening and being informed of the truth behind the compelling Keepers Documentary

Out of the Shadows

Love listening to Shane and Gemma try to solve this crime for Sister. It’s very Interesting and wants you to listen to more.

Great podcast

Shane does a great job of tackling difficult topics and getting people to talk about their experiences. A must listen for any true crime junkie


I look forward to this podcast each week! Sometimes I stay up later just so I can hear it after midnight! Well done Shane and Gemma!

Best ever

Absolutely love this podcast. I have listened to Shane for a long time he is such and good soul and gentle giant. Shane and Gemma have worked hard to find answers and pass them along while being respectful to those victims past and present. Gemma is an amazing. Do your self a favor and download this podcast you will not regret it. It will open your eyes to the corruption and cover ups in the Catholic Church

Great true crime podcast

If you watched the Keepers this podcast is a must-listen. Shane and Gemma are a great team!

One of my favorites!

I look forwards to this show every week! Shane and Gemma have been amazing and respected the victims while uncovering more information that I feel one day will help to solve this case!

Good podcast but....

I really enjoy the podcast but would like to hear more questions from Shane. It’s also very distracting to here Gemma “Uh-huh”ing or saying “right right”when the guests are speaking. I would like to hear them complete a statement without the sound interruptions


I understand more and more how criminal deeds are committed and horrendous cover-ups continued, using similar behaviors: Cooperation/submission/fear of abusers, disbelief/dismissal/ridicule of victims, incapacity/untrustworthiness of law enforcement, evil skills of perpetrators in choosing targets, Too many accounts—from disparate sources i.e. Dr Ford etc., contain the same attributes/patterns. The Keepers are making a great contribution to justice, health, human well-being. Thanks to all.

A Man Apart from the Crowd

Shane Waters is, first and foremost, a deep and complex human being with a great heart. He treats people, living and dead, with respect and compassion. He’s out literally changing the world. This man and his podcast are the real deal. And now with Gemma Hoskins? Be still my heart!

Out of the Shadows podcast series is a homerun!

If you watched the Netflix series “The Keepers” you definitely do not want to miss out on hearing this podcast series Shane Waters and Gemma Hoskins co-host. The interviews are so well organized in an informal and conversational way. Some guests are participants in series and some are survivors of the clergy abuse story in The Keepers (both those who did share and some who weren’t ready to share their stories at the time filming was taking place. You will learn more about the culture of abuse within the Archdiocese of Baltimore and about the triumph of the human spirit as survivors tell their stories. You will be touched beyond belief and changed forever when you hear the depths of suffering these ladies endured . And you’ll be inspired by their courage and resilience as they move forward in their lives through various means of healing.

Compassionate seekers of the truth

Shane Waters along with Gemma Hoskins Enter ever case with passion to bring the truth out from under every rock and log and the passing of time. This team goes above and beyond to find the details of a case that have been long forgotten until Shane starts poking the hornet nest jarring a memory or two lose. With Gemma quick mind and knowledge of crime these two are unstoppable. They don’t stop at the end of their podcast they continue the case to the finish. Shane has written letters to politicians to placing crosses were victim were found in the hopes that it bring a memory to surface Gemma and Shane stay in touch with the survivors after their podcast is posted it does not stop. I highly recommend this podcast see if you don’t get dragged into their victims story in parting I wish to say Gemma, Shane “KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT” looking forward to your next case

Big Hearted Podcaster

This podcast is not your typical podcast. Shane immerses himself into these episodes. He becomes attached personally to the cases. He is bringing new light onto old cases that otherwise would probably be overlooked. Keep up the awesome work Shane!

My Family tragedy

Thank you for sharing. I worked with people with TBI in community settings. This would be a hopful share for the BIAA(Brian Injury Assc. of America). It's a hard journey to get your life back after a brain injury. What a strong and supportive family you have!

Great listen!

This is a great thing to listen too!


chilling stories and suspensful dramas youll never be dissatisfied

Love this podcast!

Keep up the amazing podcast Shane!


Brings you about as close as you can get to a murder case, chilling!

Best crime podcast ever❤️

This man puts out the BEST podcast!! I'm addicted to true crime and this literally is my favorite!!! I even like the commercials!!! Lololol seriously tho the way the commercials are at the start and end is truly genius!! No break in the middle makes it easier to follow thru to the end!!! Thanks!!!!

My new favorite

I really enjoy your podcasts. You speak well and you are well researched. Looking forward to your growing and love the new collaboration.


I have listened to I believe four episodes and I am hooked. Thorough research, interesting content and the host is passionate about these cases and helping people that desperately need help. Definitely recommend this podcast!!


You can tell Shane and his team thoroughly research each topic and he pours his heart into each episode.

Great Quality

Stumbled upon this podcast from The Keepers FB group and now I’m hooked. Have been listening trying to catch up on the older cases. Thank you for taking this on and giving the victims and their family a voice again.

Deb G

I love your podcast ! So interesting and love your voice. You are doing an amazing job !

Victims First - Great Concept!

Shane outshines many of the TC Podcasts out there. You can tell that he takes each one of his cases, personally.


Love it!


Had me scared the whole 2 hours on your Halloween special 😳

Good stuff

Justin, just listened to your paranormal stories by your listeners. I loved the scary voice. I loved the show. Keep up the great stories.


Great host!