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This true crime podcast provides an in depth look at crimes right in our back yards! I am the type of person who likes to solve the puzzle/mystery. I have always been interested in criminal justice, the criminal mind, and the psychological phenomenon surrounding true crimes. This podcast allows me to put my mind to work and learn more about the victims impacted. I've just started listening but I plan on keeping this podcast on my list for all future episodes! Great job!!!

Very intriguing perspective

Thank you for your great insight and perspective you present in these horrible cold cases. The podcast is a must listen!

Awesome PODCAST!

Always looking forward to new episodes everytime! If ever I disappeared or murdered, Id want Shane to look into my case lol I already told my boyfriend just incase hahaa. But seriously though, Keep up the good work on researching and going above and beyond for the victims and their family :)

great podcast

Love this podcast. Its very informative.

Easy 5 Star rating - subscribe True Crime lovers

Great Show - tune in and enjoy real true crime drama done right. Thumbs up for longer shows that run over an hour & more - keep it up! Shane doesn't cut the shows short before finishing the whole story. I appreciate the care & respect for the victims & family/friends. New weekly favorite, and always look forward to the next episode. If I ever go missing put him on the case!


I really enjoy this podcast! Addicted to true crime.

my favorite podcast

I listen to this podcast on spotify, I absolutely love this podcast. Definitely my favorite crime podcast. I love the attention to detail and accuracy, you can tell how much hard work they put into making this podcast.

Love it.

I have nothing more to say. You rock!!

Superb Content

This one is a keeper, in a big way. I’m so glad I found American CrimeCast. Every episode is interesting and extremely well produced. Heartbreaking and entreating at the same time. Highly recommend.

A Must Listen To

I'm new to your podcast but from what I've heard it's amazing!!! Keep up the good work!

Great work!

Well-researched and now a part of my regular rotation. - Olivia from Something's Not Right


I love to listen to a podcast that draws me in. Listening to what happened to Cindy James did that. Shane has a way of telling you about the case descriptively and to the point. Thank you for bringing attention to cases that might otherwise not get it. ---Carol from Cold Case Notes.


Please make longer episodes and more episodes💃🏻


Very well done, researched, unscripted and the hosts are great. I look forward to it weekly!

Added This Podcast To My Favs List

I heard about American Crimecast from another podcast I've listened to for awhile. I'm really glad I checked this one out. I've listened to ALL of the episodes which gives me the ability to say that Shane does a great job with his research and interviews. I really like that he adds lesser known cases, he's professional and sticks to the topic. With his background and knowledge of investigating I can know I'm getting all the available facts. I also think it's great that Shane not only produces these podcast episodes for entertainment but most of all his goal is to get the word out there to hopefully solve some of these cases so that the victims and their families will finally have justice. It's clear that there's a lot of time, effort, and research that goes into this podcast and it's greatly appreciated. Way to go Shane, love the podcast!

Excellent True Crime Podcast!

I really enjoyed Mysterious Circumstances and American Crimecast, and now they are together! So far, I am enjoying Justin and Shane's new podcast!


Some of these negative reviews are really annoying. I became a fan of Justin's before he and Shane merged their podcasts (and then became a fan of both) and it's because I know how amazing both of their podcasts were is the reason why I will be sticking around to watch and listen to this new podcast become awesome! (It is well on it's way!) Thank you both for all your hard work and compassion! The world needs more people like you both!


Not your average true crime podcast. The hosts bring diverse backgrounds and strengths to the effort. Give them a listen; you'll be glad you did.

Awesome podcast!

This podcast is an awesome podcast and I really enjoy listening to it. I am listening to cases that I have never heard about before. Keep up the good work!

How committed you are with your guest.

He really makes the people who lost their loved ones feel safe to tell their side of the story. This podcast does not focus all their episode in the "Bad guys".

Great true crime podcast

Interviews the family and goes through the case. Great job! I'm shocked this isn't in the iTunes top 100 list.

Great Podcast

Love the Podcast! Keep up the good work!


This podcast is interesting and engaging. I think the premise of giving the victim’s family a voice and potentially spurring new leads in the case. Until visiting your website, I wasn’t aware of the PI connection. That makes the podcast even more interesting. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

Very well done

This true crime podcast deserves 5 stars. The opening, the narration, the reviews of people associated with each case , and most especially, with a focus on the victim. You learn a lot more about the personality and life of the victim, where the focus should be. Very respectfully done. I hope this podcast brings some answers to the families still awaiting justice. Keep up the good work. You've set the bar high for many other podcasts.


Super interesting, Can't wait for more episodes.

Interesting show!

Crime shows seem to be very popular, and you this translate well to radio. Great job!


Really great show here! Not only have I always been a huge fan of unsolved crimes and content like this, Shane does an awesome job of hosting the show too!!! Cant wait to hear more!!!

Very well done

Shane does a great job of taking us through the scene of the crime, especially painting the picture of surrounding aspects of the people impacted. Thank you.


Love it!

A podcast worth spending your time listening to

American Crimecast is a fantastic podcast that deals with finding justice for cold cases. Unlike other podcasts that gives you the details over a period of weeks, American Crimecast gives you everything that needs to be said in one episode. Not only do you hear the story, you can also read more about the cases and see pictures from where the crimes took place. This provides a more interactive atmosphere versus other podcasts that just tells you what happened. The group behind this podcast are good at their job! Can't wait for the next episode!