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April 30, 2018

S1 Ep4: The Unsolved Redhead Murders

S1 Ep4: The Unsolved Redhead Murders

Traveling to Elizabethton, Tennessee, Shane speaks with a Sociology class at Elizabethton High School about the Redhead Murders. This semester they have been challenged by their teacher to study and report on the Redhead Murders. After discovering my podcast, I traveled to their school to hear about the work they have done so far.

On this episode, you hear from these students as they read to you their 8-page Profile of the person responsible for these murders. To express that we all do believe that these six women were victims of a serial killer, I challenged the class to give him a name. The Bible Belt Strangler. With numerous female victims, this series of murders remains an unsolved murder mystery. Join host and investigative podcaster, Shane Waters, alongside Netflix’s Docu-Series The Keepers grassroots investigator Gemma Hoskins as they explore this forgotten serial killer case.

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