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Aug. 3, 2022

S11 Ep3: Dance of Lies

S11 Ep3: Dance of Lies

The murder of Anna May Dietrich was one of the most gruesome cases Philadelphia had seen in a long time. With what police had learned about Anna’s life, they were baffled. Who would murder a woman who by all accounts was a sweet, and caring woman? When police made the discovery of her head, they noticed something was missing…

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Are you obsessed with true crime and rotten people? If you have a favorite murder and you’re a crime junkie with a slight morbid since of curiosity you’re in the right place. If you can’t get enough Dateline or 20/20 and you don’t quite trust going out alone in your own back yard because people are shady - yeah me too! And if you also enjoy listening to Generation Why, True Crime Garage, The Vanished, My Favorite Murder or basically any podcast about unsolved cases and mysteries - well you’ll probably enjoy this one!