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May 17, 2023

S20 Ep1: Murder at Lake Wako

S20 Ep1: Murder at Lake Wako

"I want you to understand… I speak the truth when I say I didn't kill your kids. I have not killed anyone."

These were the last words of the alleged murdered before the executioners filled his chamber with toxic chemicals and his heart… stopped beating.

We rewind back to a quiet Monday afternoon in 1982. 18-year-old Kenneth Franks stood at his window, waiting for his friends to arrive. Jill had just called to tell him she'd be in the area to pick up her paycheque from work, so she'd be free to hang out for a few hours. Her friend Raylene Rice would be with her, and they could all go down to Koehne Park with a few burgers and watch the sunset.

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