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July 14, 2021

S6 Ep2: Throwaways

S6 Ep2: Throwaways

“Lot lizards” - that’s what they call them. The kind of prostitutes who work truck stops and trailer parks. These are not the high-end rent girls of Abu Dhabi. These are blue collar, minimum wage hustlers closer to the Hollywood stereotype of the rustbelt hooker. You know the one – she has a heart of gold and a drug problem, high heels, a leopard print skirt, and probably some red lipstick and a C-section scar.

The term “Lot Lizard” was coined by a comedian in the 1970s and took off from there. Even if you take offense at the sneering attitude of this label, you have to admit it has a kind of ring to it. It might make you think of leathery old women prowling parking lots past their sexual prime and willing to do anything for a buck. More fundamentally, it evokes the image of a slimy predator lurking in the sunlight and looking to draw unsuspecting flies into its mouth.

But these women, and sometimes men, are less predator than prey.

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