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March 2, 2022

S7 Ep3: Suffolk Strangler

S7 Ep3: Suffolk Strangler

(Part 3) In late 2006 a small town in the East of the United Kingdom was shaken by a killing spree of 5 women, over a very short 6 week period.

Ipswich, a tranquil, historic town in the county of Suffolk in England is now a thriving tourist hotspot, with a waterfront location. The town is has many lovely bars and restaurants surrounding it’s historic docks.
Back in 2006, like most towns, Ipswich had its fair share of issues, including a thriving sex worker industry, based in the red light district in London Road.

In fact, the problem was so bad, that the London Road area of Ipswich was actually a no go zone for local residents.

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